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All-inclusive surfcamp

You surf, we do the rest

FROM 672.000 IDR

Private Rooms

The Ujung Bocur Bungalows

The Ujung Bocur Bungalows is based right in front of the world class left-hander Ujung Bocur.

With a capacity of 14 guests, the UBB is Nestled along the remote coastline of south Sumatra, where you can immerse yourself between warm water, consistent swells and lush landscapes to create an unforgettable surfing experience.

Ujung Bocur Bungalows - The Place


surfcamp sumatra

From ocean view accomodations to delicious meals and inviting chill areas, our surf camp is a perfect blend of comfort, culinary delights, and relaxation between your surf sessions.


surfcamp sumatra

All you need to know about
surfing in South Sumatra

Sumatra Surf Camp

What our guests are saying

Ujung Bocur Surfing
ujung bocur

"Great place, great food, great staff, 5 stars." 

- Ailin Tobin

Services We Provide

Private rooms in Sumatra Surf Camp

Private rooms

Private Bathroom in Krui Surf Camp, Sumatra

Private bathroom

3 Meals included in Sumatra Surf Camp

3 meals / Day included

With free wifi at Sumatra Surf Camp


surf sumatra

Surf access

indonesia sunset - at Krui Surf Camp

Ocean view 

Sea Facing swimming pool at Sumatra Surf camp

Swimming pool

travel sumatra - Motorbike included at Sumatra Surf Camp

Motorbike included

sumatra surf trip - at Krui Surf Camp

car transport

Workplace at sumatra surfcamp

Working space

Cold beer at sumatra surf camp

Cold beers

pool table at Krui Surf Camp

Pool table

24 hour security at Sumatra Surf Camp


yoga and fitness at sumatra surf camp

Yoga space

Indoor entertainment at Krui Surf Camp

TV, Netflix, etc

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